How to use Gmail for Business Effectively

Gmail is the most widely used email service by every one of us today because of its features and security. As there are maximum number people, who are using Gmail as a path to sharing private and other official files regularly. There are also many businesses which are using Gmail for branding purposes and Gmail for Business.

Did you know there are more than hundreds of Gmail account for companies because these days every company wants to make a brand through emails as they can reach to some people through it?

How to Use Gmail for Business:


Gmail for Business

Today here I will discuss how to use Gmail for business and how to get your business Gmail because business Gmail is to be wholly different from personal email. I hope this steps for how to use Gmail for business will help you for branding purpose of your company. So here below are some of the important topics which you must read.

Before going for how to use Gmail for business, you must know what a professional email is and what are the things that you can do. So here below, I am going to tell you shortly about what is professional Gmails account and some necessary steps to get professionals email from Google apps.

How to Start Professional email With Google Apps:


Google Apps


For getting a professional email for your business, you need to go to Google apps. See below some of the necessary steps to get started with professional emails.

1. First of all, you are to sign up Google app account which is not for free. You need to pay $5 per month to Google apps.

2. Now fill out the form like you do while creating your standard Gmail ID with your name, business name, phone number, etc.

3. After you fill up all the required thing asked in the form you will need to click on the next button below to proceed to the further procedure.

4. Now in the further procedure, you will be asked to invite your friends in your Google Apps account.

5. After asking your friends, you will be invited to give your username, and you will be asked to add your domain name.

This is all the necessary steps that you need to know about creating an account in Google Apps. I hope this will help you in creating account safely and successfully.

What are Professional Accounts:

professional email accounts


Professional email account means we are talking about those accounts which are having your business name in the email ID. Which means,  in those professional email you will not have anything like “” but you will have an email like “”

In professional emails, you will need to attach your domain name and your website so that you can send your emails from your website to your professional email. So this is what a professional account is.


These are all the essential guide that you must know about how to use Gmail for business. This guide and steps to create Google apps will help you in completing the procedure. I hope you have apparently known all the process to use Google apps and professional emails by now. On having any problems getting it solved by contacting me in the comment box below. Thanks for reading.

Forgot Gmail Password | Recover Forgot Gmail Password

We all known about Gmail, it is a free service provided by Google to send and receive a message through the internet. Gmail is indeed very helpful letting its users store numbers of gigabytes of e-mail data, also enables to attached multiple files and images on its database. It is the easiest way to share documents files, picture or anything else with your friends and colleagues. What happens with your Forgot Gmail Password?

Forgot Gmail Password is a serious issue if your Gmail password is associated with several important online activities. Many Gmail users can face this problem, although users can recover their Gmail password with some simple and easy steps. In this post, I will discuss the steps to recover your lost Gmail password, so stay with me to know about them.

How to Recover Forgot Gmail Password:

Forgot Gmail Password


Yes, the forgotten password is a common problem of any account creators. People are always advised to pick a complex password for any service account which makes the password difficult to crack.The Gmail password is the main key to log Gmail account, so forgetting its password can be a bad idea for its users.Anyway, there is a way to recover your password by applying some stuff.


Things You Need To Check Before Resetting your  Forgot Gmail Password:

There are few things you need to check if you have forgotten your Gmail Password before resetting back your lost password. They are written below:

  • Make sure you used the right password and email address on Gmail.
  • Make sure that you don’t press Caps Lock. Gmail password is case-responsive, therefore, pressing a caps lock can be the cause of your wrong password.
  • In case if you receive a message such as ”your Gmail account is disabled for security reasons” then you will need to recover your Gmail Account.

To reset or recover your lost Gmail Password you must be sure that you have a secondary email address, or either you will need to log out into your Gmail Account for five days.

There are two different methods to set up your Gmail Account, by using Your previous Gmail Account password or by using your secondary Gmail email addresses.

Method 1: Use your Previous Gmail Account Password to recover your lost Gmail Password:

  • If you had already changed your Gmail password and still remember the previous one, in this case, you can enter your previous password.
  • Go to the Google Account Recovery page and enter your Gmail account. Then click on continue to continue it.
  • If needed, enter your specific Gmail email address on the box of the Account support page.
  • Click on the next.
  • Now you will need to answer the question asked by the  Security. So answer each question asked by Gmail in a proper way.
  • If the question seems difficult for you to answer then click on the option ‘different question” to get access to your Gmail account.
  • Here you will need your secondary Gmail address or phone number.
  • Now you can verify using a code, with 2-step authentication enables for your Gmail account.
  • By the verification methods set up for 2-step authentication, you will receive a code such as SMS text messages received from Google, An app like Google authentication or printed backup codes.
  • Enter the verification phone number that you had to verify with your Gmail account if necessary, and you will receive a message from Google with a verification code.

Forgot Gmail Account


2. Use your Secondary Gmail email address to Recover your Lost Gmail Password:

  • In this method, you need to follow the messages send by the Gmail to reset your Gmail account.
  • So enter your previous account or else you can also enter any existing email address to receive a verification code.
  • Now answer the question asked by Gmail to recover your Account.
  • While setting your account to enter your date of birth and year.

Forgot Gmail Account

Note: This process will not work if you have accessed your Gmail account for more than 90 days. Gmail usually will recognize your account as abandoned and will delete it from the server. So in such situation recovering your Gmail account seems impossible.


This is how you can recover your Forgot Gmail password. So you if are facing the same problems of losing your Gmail Account password then follow the listed methods, and do recover your lost Gmail password. If have anything to ask related to this post then do comment us below.